Trips and Reservations

We offer single and tandem kayaks. The differences are trips available based on your experience and desire for adventure. Trip two and three have class one and two rapids and require previous experience for rentals. All kayaking trips will be by reservation only.

Yes, we will shuttle your kayak or canoe for you, with a reservation. So please call at least 48 hours in advance so we may secure your trip/ rental equipment availability.

 We offer THREE different trips.


  • Trip 3- Lockes Landing is for those looking for a first time experience or just need a quick fix to relax and take in the beauty and silence of the river. This trip is just a mile long although you may want to paddle up stream about another mile and return downstream to our private river lot exit. This can be up to a 3-hour trip if you chose to go up stream and do some fishing or just relax and let the water carry you back. A small set of rapids at the end makes for a great first-time experience.

Float time 1-3 hours



   Trip 2- Midway    This trip covers 5 miles of the secluded section of Shenandoah and contains Class 1 & 2 rapids.They is exciting to maneuver and is a great way to spend the day taking in this great location.  Experienced kayakers ONLY!

Float time is 3-6 hours pending the river level and water flow.


  Trip 1- Rt. 50 bridge this trip is an all day kayaking trip. This covers 12 miles of the Shenandoah River. We only offer booking times for an 8:00 am the trip or a 9:00 am the trip. There are many beautiful sites to observe on this stretch of river. Waterfalls, Osprey, Kingfisher, Bald Eagles and        Blue Heron have been spotted by many on this trip. The quiet of the river and the flow of the water are sure to calm one’s soul and offer a great day of fishing or adventure for those experienced with Class 1&2 rapids

 We do offer a guide to go with you down the river for an additional fee. This person would be a great help for big groups, first timers, or just added security for an extended trip to help navigate the river.


                         4: OOPM