Our Tubes


  • Tube rentals our tubes are river tough tubes. We have a few different sizes to accommodate everyone.
  • We recommend small children have a tube with a solid bottom and a life jacket if they cannot swim. We will provide you with one tethered strap to connect your child to do an adult tube.
  • Young children who can swim well we recommend a small tube with no bottom so they can get in and out of the tube safely.
  • For adults, we have large and extra-large tubes to suit your comfort and size. We have tubes available for special needs.
  • The person loading the tubes onto the shuttle bus for you will be able to judge the tube best suited for each individual in your group.
  • We also have cooler tubes that you may rent if you do not have your own.The rectangle  cooler float  can fit a cooler up to 11 x 13 base

  Please advice: If your plans are to OVER CONSUME alcohol while floating, please choose another river adventure outfitter. This only adds additional headaches and drama for others floating the river for the RIVER ACTIVE staff. We understand having a few drinks while floating the river is fun, but please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.