Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  Please keep in mind that it is against Virginia state law to have any glass on the Shenandoah River.

   For safety reasons no ropes, strings, bungee cords or anything other than the tethers we provide are allowed to be attached to our tubes.

   Do not bring rope string bungee cords or anything else to tie your tubes together, this is a safety hazard. We will provide a tether for our cooler tube rental or child’s tube with a bottom to attach to an adult.

  Do not bring any glass containers

Do not stop along the river at any point all property on both sides of the river or privately own and you will be trespassing.

Do not get out of the river and walk down the road unless it is an emergency.

 Do not let go of your tube for any reason; you are responsible for that tube and you will be charge $40.00 for tubes or $10.00  tethers that are lost or have to be retrieved from the river.


In case of an EMERGENCY

If you have an emergency while on the river, please have someone secure your tubes and walk to the riverbank access, then up the side of the bank to the side of the road where the shuttle driver can see you. He is up and down the road all day long and will stop. Many times the neighbors along the road will call the store to let us know.

If you have a problem while exiting the river, please tell the river attendant on duty so, he may radio it into the Camp Store.